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-- or nationalize health care in america. i don't intend to do anything to allow government bureaucrats to get between you and your doctor. >> senator, please forgive my teleprompter here. i've heard your recent rhetoric about how we want the same thing as obama and health care reform. i disagree on every level. there is nothing in that bill that i would agree to and we have to stop giving ground. >> government isn't the answer, it's a cancer. >> right now, as dan lothian reports, the white house is working hard to stay on message. >> you don't know. you don't know. >> 74 going to be written off because they have cancer. >> why don't they take the health care being forced down our throats. >> you don't trust me? >> there's a lot of debate about the health care debate. some are calling it a mismessage. >> there's a concern that if this misinformation machine continues and the record can't be corrected as the white house would like it to be that it could potentially make it more difficult to get health care reform? >> we'll get -- the debate is dominated by something that's not true, of course.
. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 26 minutes of a the hour. it's a long way from mexico but coastal maine, believe it or not, has become an emerging market for mexican drug cartels. >> the drug in demand, not marijuana, cocaine but heroin, a story you'll see only on american morning. >> reporter: when you think of the war on drugs you think inner cities, new york, chicago, l.a., d.c., but coastal maine? you may be surprised to hear heroin has become a huge problem too big to contain. lighthouse, lobsters. >> heroin, more heroin. >> and heroin? >> it's scary. >> thousands of miles from the drug cartels of mexico, this bucolic place in a mecca for heroin use. this detective has been working for decades. he says he's seen it all but never this. >> my case load for heroin has tripled over the last three years. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, i
entry about, quote, death panels. >>> bad loans are still a big threat to america's banks. a congressional panel overseeing the $700 bailout that even though the financial system has stabilize, banks are holding billions of dollars in bad loans and many of the banks could fail if unemployment goes higher or the commercial real estate market collapses. >>> the streak is over. the cost of a gallon of unleaded regular went down overnight by .2 cents. the national average is $2.64. >>> i've noticed a correlation here. gas prices go up until we discover it and then we say something about it and then they go back down again. >> that's powerful. >> we talk about that all the time. >> why are they not watching -- >> exactly. >> stephanie elam here this morning for christine romans, minding your business. good morning. >> good morning. gas going up, overdraft fees going up too. go to the bank. >> finding ways to make money. they're hiking the fees on people. >> i saw this bank where you had to put a quarter in the door to get it open i'm kidding. >> you're making that up. interesti
. i can. i can -- most illegal aliens here in america can. why can't the president of the united states produce a birth certificate. there's not anybody in america that's been born in america that didn't get a birth certificate at obama's age. >> is delay a birther? >> he seems to be a dancing birther. this is not entirely outside of the purview. he's always been a bit wingnutty, especially on issues like this. but what's one the illegal alien comment as well? it seems to be ripping off a lot of the ugliest and craziest stuff out there. tom delay is a major high bipartisan. a lot of the protests we're seeing in exacerbation of the hitler nazi rhetoric. so offensive. delay called the epa the gestapo of government. he's taken it to an art form or national disgrace. he's singing the same tune now on "dancing with the stars". >> you think he can dance, though? not going out in the first round. >> i'll take him out the first round. >> we'll have to see if, you know, during the judging or anything he brings politics in to dancing. >> might creep up. >> we'll see. great to see you as al
in america died last month at the age of 82. the cronkite memorial will take place december 9. >>> the house hold name in india. the biggest star in bollywood right now. they're directing the anger at the u.s. after the movie star was stopped and questioned at immigration officials at a u.s. airport in newark. mary snow is following developments for us. >>> john, kiran, some describe him as india's brad pitt and tom cruise all in one. that's how big he is. but it's his last name that caught the attention of the u.s. immigration officials and it kicked off a firestorm he's now trying to quell. he's an icon in india. he's known for his dance moves starred in 700 bollywood movies like this one in new york. but the star status when he arrived at newark, new jersey friday, immigration officials questioned him for roughly an hour. >> because your name is khan. i was too polite to ask common to what? so it's a bit of an issue. >> as khan posed for pictures with fans sunday in houston, indians were outraged that he was detained. protesters took to the street, some burned an american flag when govern
a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 13 minutes past the hour now. a tearful reunion after 18 years in captivity. jaycee dugard's first emotional words to her mother, mommy, i have babies. jaycee back home with her real family but it's a tough road ahead right now adjusting to life after spending 18 years with the couple that allegedly kidnapped her when she was 11. jeff gardere, clinical psychologist talks more. difficult story. disturbing story, actually. >> horrible story, yes. >> seems to be so many elements but let's start with basically how it is that she adjusts. we heard she is with psychiatrists with her family, her mother needed to get her sister to come there for support. >> stepsister, yes. >> authorities at the same time seeing whether or not, you know, she is okay to be the mother of these two kids. how does all of this start to take place, this reintegration. >> it happens simultaneously. we know that she did see her mother, reunification. that's the best thing. at the same time, we have to
. >> certainly a sad moment in america this morning. dan lothian, obviously, a big void as well in the president's push for health care reform, a void that won't be filled anytime soon. >> absolutely not. >>> coming up, speaking with some of his colleagues as well, including bob graham and others. we're going to check in once again with the former mayor of boston and many other people who knew senator kennedy who knew the politician, but also the man. >> also in that moment, one year to the date he died, it was august 25, 200 when he appeared at the democratic national convention. this is after he'd had brain surgery, undergoing chemotherapy as well. he made that triumphant appearance in denver at the democratic national convention. that moment from history coming up for you in a couple of minutes. it's 12 minutes after the hour. >>> another kennedy has thrown his hat in the national political arena. edouard m. officially announces his campaign for the massachusetts senate seat once held by his brother and the president. he'll face mccormack jr., brother of the speaker of the house in the democr
restraining order to borrow asset transfers in response to a bank of america lawsuit. we'll be watching this this morning. the fdic insures your deposits up to $250,000. you're fdic insure in this bank. we always say, this is a big one. we're watching the health of this bank. there have been troubling signs for this one for sometime now. we're watching this morning to see what happens next. >> thanks, chris deep. >> christine romans, minding your business this morning. are we too plugged? welcome to the now network. population: 49 million. right now 1.2 million people are on sprint mobile broadband. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. eight are wearing bathrobes. two... less. - 154 people are tracking shipments on a train. - ( train whistles ) 33 are im'ing on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email... - on a vacation. - hmm? ( groans ) that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>>. ♪
. the treasury department going a step further and showing that frustration by naming bank of america and wells fargo as companies they're disappointed with. i've been across the table from the folks at the treasury and they don't like to name specific names but they did. they're growing frustrated with business that the business isn't helping more. >> the washington saying that the banks are dragging it out on purpose. >> that's what you hear -- the people who there loan servicers, if they drag their feet, there are more fees and there are more fines and all that more money that gets tacked on to the value of this loan. they make money the longer they wait to try to help you out. >> the other -- >> go ahead. >> one of the problems in the waiting here is when you take a look at the economic stimulus money here in the pipeline, there's so little of it that's been spent right now for the projects, the construction projects. what they need to do is see people back at work. people need to feel the recovery. they're not necessarily feeling the recovery right now. that's the political problem for thi
, as partners with america on behalf of the future we want for all of our children. >> >> reporter: three weeks after president barack obama's trip to africa, his chief diplomat is back, striking many of the same themes. >> many parts of africa are rising to 21st century challenges and turning it to a road map that will turn to a regional and global hub for progress and prosperity. >> parts of the continent are racked with violence. but it's not claiming to long-held stereotypes of it as a basket case, but as a potential bread basket. >> we believe in africa's promise. we are committed to africa's future, and we will be partners with africa's people. >> and she's delivering some tough messages. >> government has to reform itself. kenya will be all it can be. that is the message that president obama and i have delivered. it is tough but it's lovingly presented. >> tough love, david lane calls it. >> what we're hearing from secretary clinton is it's a two-way street and african leaders have to be responsive to their people, they have to govern justly, invest in their people. that's an implicit ba
of indiana stimulus program. it's a stimulus program for the united states of america. you talk about how the money flows. somebody gets money in california and one of our factories shares supplies and parts for that company in california, we benefit from it. >> reporter: back at the rv lot, rod reed agrees sales have picked up. so as his outlook. >> i feel optimistic. if you start to feel it, your customers are going to feel it. we're optimistic. because we don't want the economy or the doll drums of elkhart right now to set the tone for our business. >> reporter: they're optimistic here at the great lakes rv center because they say, look, unemployment is 16%, 17% here. it used to be 19% to 20%. it's gotten better. but obviously, that's still bad. 16%, 17%. much worse than the national average of 9.5%. you have a lot of republicans in washington like john boehner saying the stimulus is not working quickly enough. it's not the jolt that the president promised. the fact of the matter is they don't think it's done quite enough. the folks on the ground say they're patient. they think the fed
the grassroots volunteer network known as organizing america is urging members to show up at town halls, rally near congressional offices. the move is right out of the playbook of reform opponents who raise their voices at town hall meetings, as we all know, kiran, for weeks. >> we do. all right. we'll talk much more about that throughout the morning. jim, thank you. for more on health care debate and how reforms could affect you and your family, check out special health care website go, to care. >>> sobering assessment of the war in afghanistan. chairman of joint chiefs of staff mike mullen says becoming increasingly dangerous eight years after the war started. he made the statement on cnn with john king. >> i think it is serious and it is deteriorating. i've said that over the last couple of years. taliban insurgency has gotten better, more sophisticated, their tactics in my recent business out there talking with our troops certainly indicate that. >> admiral mullen said he'll evaluate whether more troops are needed after he reviews a report by stanley mcchrystal, the top amer
question. you put your finger on it. how will people in middle america react in the month of august as these members of congress fan out across the country and start doing town hall. what i could tell you, it could have a devastating impact on the health plan. look, my plan is going to lower costs. if, instead, in some of these reports suggest, costs will balloon in the early years to pay for it, now the administration is opening the door to raise taxes for those costs, that could really blow up in the face of a lot of members of congress across the country. that's why the key is going to be, is it going to hit people under $250,000 or not? they are not specific enough. the president has been pretty vague about the details of this health plan. on wednesday, another town hall, the president is going to be in indiana. is he going to start spelling out more details now that the door is open to tax increases, a lot of people will demand more answers. >> keep watching more closely, billion, trillion, billion here, billion there, pretty soon it's really money. >> it is. $800 bucks is real
states. the security in america for better health care. glad to talk to you this morning. >> you're welcome any time. you hurt your shoulder as a navy seaman and the surgeon at the time screwed your shoulder back together. >> a stainless steel screw. >> you can still see in the x-ray. >> still in there. >> you travelled around, germany, france, india, the uk, what did you notice. what kind of recommendations did you get about how they would go about treating it? >> everybody approached it differently. several countries would have done the same high-tech procedures, operation that an american doctor recommended. much less, 1/6 of the cost, 1/8 of the cost. in britain, the doctor told me to live with it. you're living your life. not going to fix this. good care in canada, not if you're only hurt. n only if you're acutely sick. he said i'll send you to the orthopedist, it will take six to nine months. >> india -- japan, i believe, they wanted to try other things first. india, alternative medicine. herbal remedies and massage. >> that's right. we did herbal medicine for five weeks. s
, not the only one i voted against the single most wasteful expenditure in the history of america -- the iraq war. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate financial services committee took a few questions. talked at length about the option. >> not going for any bill that forces anybody in to anything. it will have a public option. >> reporter: and reassure seniors there's no death panels in the bill. >> this notion that something in this bill that would require people who are elderly or sick to be denied medical care or killed is the single stupidest argument i've heard in all my years of politics. >> it was that certainty that mary was happy to put to rest. >> reporter: can i tell you i know for a fact they're not going to pull the plug on grandma. >> they're not going to pull the plug on me, i tell you. i fight for the death. >> reporter: jim acosta with a look at how that meeting got contentious for barney frank. what you have to say about the health care debate. should democrats try to push this through. >>> other news to tell you this morning. a diplomatic overture. two senior diplomats are
over long island sound here. we begin another morning here in america. 9 1/2 minutes after the hour. the insurance corporation is the organization that insures your assets in banks. they say we have enough money if the banks fail. the funds are under stress. >> they are because so many are failing. you have the funds depleted by the day as more of the banks go south. this is the way it is. many of the banking analysts expect you'll see more bank failures. look at what the bank failures look like. three in 2007, 25 in 2008, 81 just so far this year. so you can see the banks are under stress from the loans they made for bad mortgages and the like and falling to that level. now commercial loans as well. the fdic insures you -- i want to be clear, you're insured up to $250,000 in your bank account if your bank goes south. there's a big fund to make sure that's paid out. it's down to $13 million right now. the fdic says they have $28 billion set aside for further bank losses over the next six months or so. we're going to hear more about what the fed, the fdic expects to do to make sure t
that ran the country and cozied up with ohsaa bin laden before 9/11. america's 60,000 troops on the ground. they're working overtime to keep the polls and the people safe. we're tapping in to the global resources of cnn this morning. ivan watson outside of kabul joining us this morning. what is the turnout like so far today in afghanistan? >> i'm looking at a central province right now. one of the safest provinces in the country. i got to say, the line of people waiting before the polls opened to come in and vote. 2,000 people estimated in the first two hours when this polling station opened. they got so rowdy, so impatient to come in, they broke one of the gates to get in to the compound, this high school when people are voting behind me in the tents right here. so we had a steady stream of voters here. people are fortunate in this province in that it has had remarkably few insurgent attacks. the same cannot be said for broad sections of southern and eastern afghanistan with the taliban insurgency is much stronger. we've gotten reports from some afghan security officials, for example, in
lips, no tax hikes for middle class america. trying to set the record straight after his top economic advisor suggested that a tax increase couldn't be ruled out as a way of cutting the deficit and paying for health care reform. >>> you have the clunker, but will the government have the cash? the senate must act quickly and approve another $2 billion to save the popular cash-for-clunkers program. what happens to the old gas guzzler after you trade it in? a lot of people have been asking. we dispatched our jason carroll to look at that. >>> we begin with breaking news with a surprise visit to north korea by former president bill clinton. he arrived in pyeongyang before midnight. his mission is to secure the release of laura ling and euna lee. >> you remember back in june, the women were sentenced to 12 years' hard labor after they claimed they entered the country illegally to smear the government. can clinton get them out? how much of this deal is cooked before he went over there. jill is live at the white house. jill, when it comes to getting these journalists home, is this t
brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. for the second week in a row now, the east coast is keeping a close eye on a tropical storm. this time it's danny which could pick up strength as it churns 500 miles off of the coast. tropical storm warnings are in effect for the latest on danny's path and how it can affect the weather in the northeast. rob marciano join us live in mystic, connecticut this morning. dog days festival there. more on the dog days in a second. but first of all, we're going to find out how much the storm is going to dog us this weekend, rob. >> well, john, john and carol, they're certainly worried about that. the cone at one point was point in the general direction of mystic sea port. let's talk about danny. tropical storm had a hard time getting its act together. talk about the struggling for a few days now. the good news is it had a more difficult time in the last 24 hours. the reduction of wind speed, the hurricane hunter aircraft had been in there and hasn't seen a grea
. this is america. this is rough and tumble. that is what we are here for. so there is no problem with that. but this is something else. >> another congressman in washington state has cancelled public meetings after he says he received death threats. he believes the president needs to be the one to step up and keep the heated debate from crossing the line. >> he has to really speak strongly to tamper this down before somebody really gets hurt at one of these things. >> the fbi, local police departments and the u.s. capitol police have all gotten involved into the investigation into who may have painted that. >> we will be speaking live with congressman david scott. >>> and once again, welcome. good morning. glad to have you with us. >> good morning to you. i am john roberts. a lot going on this morning and here are the stories we are breaking down for you. president obama's road show to sell health care reform. the crowd orderly and polite yesterday but in pennsylvania and missouri, town halls turned ugly. we will go beyond the sound bites to find out why so many people are so angry. >> an
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20